In The Park


It can sometimes be so wonderful. Edwin awakened from a deep, quiet and uneventful
Sleep. He feels his clear head; He is not next to his bed. He knows what day of the week and
what time it is, and he has not slept.

The weatherman before the radio has assured him: „It is a beautiful sunny Saturday today.“
The brief glance through the window tells him that it can not be> Today <well.
On the other hand: He has patience. Maybe it’s to his breakfast> Today <. So:> Today fine weather <!
He has chosen this day nothing special made. It is just as well. Because for
usually when it’s something beautiful had made, it went so far mostly different
out. Mostly with negative aspects. His Saturdays ran generally from the same.
His> Weekend to-do list „was now in his subconscious saved: Empty
Jars and bottles taken away, paper waste sort and the most important purchases that relate to his refrigerator, would it coming the take two hours.

But first is breakfast only once in peace. When he to a few years ago for his company
some customers had, and there at the site in a small but elegant hotel stayed,
he felt for the first time in his life a Touch of luxury. And that’s just because the
Breakfast table for him alone, complete with everything was imaginable, covered. So no
Buffet, but everything one on so First-class buffet usually is, was there for
a person draped clearly on a table been.
Since then, his kitchen table saw every Saturday exactly. Even if he only hunger on a
had toast with jam and an egg. These Ceremony he allowed himself.
Any kind of tick but each has, right?
A half-hour later, he turns his car the sixth round around the block, with the square on
the container for the waste glass stand. No free parking. Every Saturday the same thing. Disgusting. > Can not even walk their trash taken away? ‚, he thinks, and sets a further
Lap of honor at.
In fact here is no space for parking for the duration of the glass container filling provided.
This here is a pure residential area traffic-free zone with parking areas for Local residents. Edwin’s home was about three hundred Meters from here.

He plays with the idea of his ketchup and to take wine bottles back home and
the whole game the next weekend again start. However, suddenly he looks left, on the other
Street, a turn signal and driving light tackle. Abruptly, he takes the brake to give in there to
But> abruptly <is always the first part of the physical phenomenon at things in motion
are, and their speed is unexpectedly change. As can sometimes called centrifugal
turn up.
His, from grandma’s estate, hand-woven Wicker basket with bottle contents, fast with the Speed of 10 m/h from the backseat on or turned backwards from the day before, seatback, on the right side of the glove compartment.
The sound at impact can be more bad formulated as a right. Only one thing: It is significantly quieter than the exclamation of obscene swear words Edwin’s throat.

After another hour, he is back home, and now feels completely easy and balanced. Be
Cart is again shards accessible, the apartment is become passable for strangers again.
It is aired, clean, tidy and free of dust. Well, His neighbor, who with the hundred
different colored smocks kitchen and at the Hand grown duster, would here yet
find some things that have to be cleaned.
But that is another story.

His whole attention is now at its Thoughts, what he was now beautiful, meaningful, it
ready forming joy, spectacular exercise whereby this great weather, to perform. Of the
Popularly also says: ‚What now‘?
He takes the weekly, which in this place appears every Wednesday, at hand, and starts
to browse. He Browsed … And … And Browsed Browsed. After two he has more hours the Compendium completely read. After the obvious publicity and also the hidden, subliminal
Advertising texts has filtered out, he knows everything now, what should be meaningful for him.
So, what the others believe that this is for him is relevant. He himself is not interested so much whether a Club for retirees, a trip to the welfare office has made. Or a member of a resident Gymnastics Clubs, already 45 years old, in spite of rheumatism, is active. The people of this city a long several times denounced increasing traffic in his street has, and thus the street noise its folk music disturbing is not his personal News highlight.
Mostly, he finds here are reports about which are already past. Edwin but would like to know what’s going on today. Where what and when offered. Up to twelve Flea markets, the> birders breakfast-posse <(of four to seven in the morning) and the several days of action at the local auto dealers is not to be found here in this journal.
Too bad.
> I have now of it, ‚he thinks,‘ As loners, Alls, nerd, nine times and Sly A newcomer has just not as many acquaintances, with which one can do anything! ‚
For a brief moment he wants for his Self-pity decide. But it was he most headaches, and he wants all today not. „Well,“ he says. He had in any read a book whose story in the eighteenth
Century plays. „Well on to pastures new!“ He grins as he listens to call these words.
Edwin doing now as if he’s up to something, and makes to> town finely <: The new light trousers, a fresh Polo shirt and a light sweater on Shoulders down. Once again the hairstyle and his corrected face in the mirror, and off you go.
Leaving the apartment, the head and directed shoulders up, his spine curious narrowed the butt, the view straight, so Edwin takes this sunny Afternoon outdoors.

Only, which direction to take? Until recently, he did not with such a sudden decision forced counted.
Edwin is normally a person who clear Ratios loves. One always knows where the rabbit
runs. He hates the people who can not be can decide. How does it fundamentally when
they now must hate himself? Can we then no longer view? Or are no soliloquies
longer allowed? He does not know. Now there are already two problems. Whichever path he must take and how to hate themselves. > Shit weekend. “
A passer-by on the street sees him bit puzzled by when he was only in a zigzag course
left and then right around, its optimum Starting point sought to walk. Edwin tried
Now, distract himself, so he will not so much silly Stuff covered. The first count of 30 down to zero.
Whereby he noticed that he was in between some Numbers hit, then suddenly forward again
counted, and the number 24, he believes at least four times quietly thought to have.
But further he did not. Some sort of man to go past him and greets him. Now he is completely out of Concept. Who is that? The must have mistaken me. He is now completely out of his
Concentration. Should he might the unknown Menschengrüßer ask if there is a
are those who suspected him of confusion? No!
He looks over to his parking lot and decides to come without vehicle into the pedestrian zone.
On the other hand – Saturdays are in the pedestrian zone
All the stress. So rather in the park. There have People usually always in a better mood.
Thought done. After about 25 minutes he comes at. In the park.

There is a strange smell in the air. He recalls:> This is natural, healthy fresh air. “
Unusual – but pleasant. Edwin pulling his Shoes and goes right to the sick of radiant
green meadow and lies down on his back. Wonderful. He closes his eyes and dozes so a little in front of him out. He opens it again and see the small Sheep-clouds pass and fantasizes himself
from the different cloud shapes always new Faces, animals, figures and others.
He thinks about the word ‚other‘. This word reminds him of the annual tax declaration. Everything what you do not need pay tax, you have to specify under> Other <so that it can be taxed.
Brilliant. He should open a business, with the Names> Other <.
But now is the weekend. Not thinking about work.
Cloud watching! Edwin is back in the alpha state.
The one cloud looks like a sheep. The
Next like a calf when it eats. There comes a
swarm of chickens, or whatever it’s called when
more than ten chickens come fly. Can
Chickens fly? There! The chirping of a Lark
or blackbird or something. Heavenly.
He hears the hum of bees. Honey. Now
the hum of mosquitoes. Blood. Ow! He reflected
with its flat right hand on his calf and
jumps on. Nobody there! He looks at his watch
– After four o’clock. So he slept soundly. He
has slept. He was not quite there.
A look around tells him that within
800 meters no one to be seen. No stranger.
No acquaintance. Nobody. No man who him
annoyed, not a person who enjoys it. No evil
Person, but also not a nice person. A set of one, read recently poem
occurs to him: „You want to see nice people, allowed to
You do not stand around in the park. „