A human, older, dreams now and then

his ideas with others to share.

But he lives alone in a house

and doesn`t gladly go out.

His circle of friends is rather little,

„Tis is a good thing“ he relents.

He speaks alot all day long

he listens to himself – when he wants.

Monologues only have a problem:

He can see the answers ahead.

Sometimes he asks himself new questions

but then he feels an uneasiness,

becaus even these questions he yet knows,

the answers also – so no discussion.

He needs his phone only in great distress,

when he needs to call a doctor, shortly before his death.

Even his parrot keeps silent for long now,

he sits grinning on the rod,

listening for the sounds from the humans

and the rattle of the coffee pot.

The radio is on twenty-four hours –

der human is very attached to his local radio.

The radio station wants to hear the people`s opinions

how they get outraged about politics,

or what`s the trend with Fries or Ice cream?

„call in“, so everyone can know.

Or“ Give us your opinion on the weather and time“

„what do you say about the consequences of suboptimal freedeom?“

„what do you think? what`s good or expensive?“

„what also brings advantages with taxes?“

The haman used to call in alot in the past,

but now the radio station has begun to classify,

who calls in, how often and why.

This can inevitably be seen on the display.

If the same people always get excited,

the listenenrs will doubt their credibility.

If you can`t „get through“ you`re ot crazy.

You`ve just simply been „pushed off“.

This doesn`t matters for the human – he can now remember,his childhood.

All the beautiful voices. The words of Mum, Dad Kurt and Helene.

Oncle Karl also, Martha and their little one.

The human dreams on about real life.

He is still dreaming – now – just now

becaus he sleeps – very deeply – now flat, – yes, yes – now he`s asleep.

He soon wakes up – and goes to work – in a callcenter.

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